AfterCast: An Audio Companion for the Classical, Charlotte Mason Mama

For many years now, Afterthoughts has been a sort of intellectual watering hole for all of you classical, Charlotte Mason homeschooling mamas out there – I like to call you Afterthinkers. You are thinking people – idea people – who never let a good book go to waste. You keep yourselves intellectually agile by reading books, often old books, seeking out the best that has been thought and said, and mixing it into your everyday lives of laundry and dishes and dinner and long division. At Afterthoughts, we have spent over a decade nourishing our minds on theology, educational philosophy, and a million other books and subjects thrown in – all the while bringing these ideas into a direct collision course with our daily lives. Because what good is an idea if we don’t use it – live it, breathe it? As an audio companion, this podcast is a chance to hear Afterthoughts blog posts rather than read them. Couple that with some bonus content focused on books and interviews, and you’ve got AfterCast.
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AfterCast: An Audio Companion for the Classical, Charlotte Mason Mama


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Feb 2, 2017

Eusebius, The Church History (translated by Paul Maier) is a book I've been reading with E-Age-Fourteen for our Bible/Church History category and it is just fantastic. It reminds me a lot of the book of Acts, and also Bede's Ecclesiastical History. I honestly think reading through it has been a great way to kick off high school.

In today's episode, I read an excerpt and then attempt to pull out a principle that I personally found helpful, and I hope you do, too. I'd tell you what that principle is, but I think it's nicer to hear it in context, so why not click that play button?

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